Hi, we are Kiboko Labs. We mix up IT in flasks to solve various business problems.

Scroll down to check some of our projects. We build some open-source too.

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Hostel PRO

Premium Wordpress plugin for hostels, small hotels, or BnB

Your hostel, BnB, or small Hotel does not need expensive hotel management system.

Hostel PRO will serve you both as simple reservation system and website for your hostel or small hotel.

Check out the features and the demo.


Easy membership management application for creating paid/restricted membership sites.

Using this membership management software you can create online courses and paid learning systems where your high quality content will really make money.

Check out the features and the demo.


RoCanvas.js - Create Interactive Drawing Boards

A small and easy to embed javascript class for creating interactive drawing boards on your page. Add it to your site and let your visitors draw anything they want.

Check out the features download for free and use it even in commercial applications.

Watu PRO

Premium Wordpress Plugin To Create Exams, Tests and Quizzes

WatuPRO is a multi-purpose online exam software that can be used in education, research, contests, competitions, marketing, or to increase users engagement on your site. WatuPRO is a plugin that runs inside ordinary Wordpress.

Check out the features and the demo.

Namaste! LMS

Free learning management system for WordPress.

Namaste! LMS supports unlimited courses and lessons with very flexible access to each of them. You can create assignments, manage students, add notes, and more.

Check it out, it's still young but we have huge plans for it.


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